San-bao. Chi-Gung teacher and Oolong tea ambassador shares his philosophy, as he prepares the finest Oolong tea.

I recorded this while on holiday in Thailand in October 2009, partly to try out my new camera, and also as I believe San-bao has some interesting and worthwhile things to say; so a good opportunity to shoot a mini-documentary. Shot on Canon 5D Mark II and Zoom H4n. Film by Ken McHardie.

San-bao teaches Chi-Gung at Spa Samui and hosts regular Chinese (Oolong) Tea Ceremonies at various resorts on the Island of Koh Samui in Thailand. He also leads small exclusive parties of tea connoisseurs on Oolong tea experience trips to Taiwan. He’s a pretty cool guy with a good philosophy on life.

Regular consumption of Oolong tea is associated with several health benefits, including weight-loss, antioxidants (which can help prevent cancers), heart and lung health etc. Check it out for yourself. It also tastes really great.