Air pollution on a global and urban scale is a huge problem. Levels of C02 due to human activities have reached record levels of over 400PPM. Opposed to 350 ppm which is cited as a safe level (Hansen, James, et al. Target Atmospheric CO2: Supporting Material. April 7, 2008) On an urban scale the World Health Organisation predicts that life expectancy is reduced by 8 months due to air pollution.
The Jungle creates a system for cleaning the air on our site, which could be applied to others around Barcelona or the world.
A cloud problem requires a cloud solution. The jungle senses the cloud of pollution from external sources before reacting, creating a cloud on site which captures pollution. This cloud is then manipulated to rain on site through over seeding, removing the pollution from the air.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Barcelona
Master in Advanced Architecture 2012-2013

Students: Stuart Maggs, Dori Sadan, Moritz Begle, Urte Naujekaite

Faculty: Enric Ruiz Geli, Mireia Luzárraga, Silvia Bures, Josep Perelló, Iker Mugarra, Gonzalo Delacamera

Music: Eskmo – Cloudlight

Movie made by Urte Naujekaite